Relaxed hair vs Natural hair


I made the decision over a year ago and honestly, I don’t regret it. I prefer my look now than then. Seriously, ‘natural hair’ is healthy!

AfroRiri Haircare

Written by Freda Lukoh

Howdy ladies. I get this feeling each time this so called topic pops in my mind. I will love us to read with open minds today because this may not go down well with some of us. Lately, there has been this controversy on hair textures although, few religious sects have always been particular about the wrongness of this practice by we ladies . The so-called argument has been the rightness or wrongness of relaxing hair which today has crept into fashion or I will say, ‘hair fashion’. This write up is not to promote any product, discriminate nor criticise anyone and their belief or to alleviate any selfish reason but simply to help some ladies who have found it difficult to take bold steps pertaining to their hair and also clarify issues bordering some ladies on the topic ‘hair’. It is gradually doning on a…

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