My ‘Ultimate’ Castor Oil Challenge – First Update!


Hiya! Today I’m doing my first update one month into ‘my ultimate castor oil challenge’! So far, so good. I must say that a few days before I started the contest officially I started applying Castor Oil to my roots just so I start getting used to oil application to my roots everyday…

When I started ‘my ultimate castor oil challenge’, my intended regimen was:

  1. Apply Castor Oil to my scalp everyday, paying attention to my temples
  2. Quick massage after each application
  3. Co-wash once a week to remove excess oil, otherwise
  4. Wash once every two weeks with Dudu-Osun soap
  5. Have Castor Oil rinse once a month
  6. Deep-condition my hair once a month

Actually, I tweaked it a bit, sooooo this is what my regimen has actually been:

  1. Applied JBCO to my scalp every morning (7 days in a week) and every evening (at least 5 out 7 days in a week)…too much oil huh?!…concentrated on my temples.
  2. Quick massage after each application
  3. Had a protein treatment, once a month, with Honey and Castor Oil
  4. Deep conditioned, once a month, with Mayonnaise and Castor Oil
  5. Co-washed every Saturday (after the treatment or conditioning)
  6. Had Castor Oil rinse once a month
  7. Washed with Dudu-Osun once a month (after the Castor Oil rinse)

So these are photos of my first update…


So far, I’ve been impressed with the results I have – especially at my temples, I see new growth. I’m hoping to get better results by my second update.

I’ve read about other people taking supplements to aid hair growth. Apart from the supplements I had been taking long before I entered into the challenge – Forever Bee Pollen and Forever Absorbent-C, I actually refused to take anything because I want to see what ONLY Castor Oil can do to my hair, it’s the ‘Castor Oil’ challenge afterall, aint it? So, I’m sticking to only castor oil for now…maybe after the challenge, I will enter into the growth challenge and then incorporate some of the growth aids that I have in my kitchen that I recently found out works well in hair growth.

Have you done this challenge before? What has been your experience? Please share – we all learn from experiences…

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