My ‘Ultimate’ Castor Oil Challenge


I read about “Castor Oil Challenge’ for the first time on BlackZulu‘s blog. After reading positive comments and seeing the photos shared I decided I would be in this challenge.

Today is the first day of ‘my ultimate castor oil challenge’. Now I’m so excited about it because I’m so looking forward to the ‘ultimate change’. My intended regimen during this challenge (for the next 3 months) is:

  1. Apply Castor Oil to my scalp everyday, paying attention to my temples
  2. Quick massage after each application
  3. Co-wash once a week to remove excess oil, otherwise
  4. Wash once every two weeks with Dudu-Osun soap
  5. Have Castor Oil rinse once a month
  6. Deep-condition my hair once a month

During this period, I also plan to use ONLY CASTOR OIL as my growth aid. I would definitely use shea-butter but without my usual oils (olive, argan, jojoba, coconut, tea-tree) mixed in it.

These are my pre-challenge photos…


The first update will be on May 1, 2014.

SO, let the challenge begin….. (drums rolling)

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