My Natural Hair Journey!


I never thought I would write about my natural hair journey. But it would be selfish of me not to share my experience after learning from the experiences of other naturalistas like Heather and Black Zulu to mention but a few. So let’s go…

Once upon a time, I had beautifulgood black hair. It was very difficult and painful when my mom combed it for school so I looked forward to a time when I would ‘perm’. I got into secondary school and we were instructed to keep our hair short. So, it wasn’t much of a problem just that when it grew it would be difficult to comb. One of my teachers once asked me: ‘why is your hair so shabby?’ and I said ‘Sir, I have elastic hair’. I never really liked my natural hair, many Africans – especially Nigerians don’t. But now I know why: we DO NOT KNOW how to take care of it!

The thought of going natural started about two years ago when the hair on the middle of my head cut off on its own and remained natural. Before then, my hair dresser complained that my hair was thinning out, the color was changing and the length was reducing. Regardless, I continued perming, stretching….(ignorance!).

Sometime last year, I had a dream and in the dream I saw myself with my natural hair looking younger. I read different meanings to the dream but I still didn’t decide to cut my hair. I tried all the best hair products I knew just to make the hair in the middle of my head grow but it won’t. At some point, I trimmed the other parts of my hair that were permed just to have them grow at the same pace but the hair on the middle still stayed natural. I was a bit frustrated because I didn’t know how I would keep my natural hair if I cut it – I don’t like using thread to plait my hair.

In 2013, after I made up my mind to cut it all off and have it grow again, I decided to go online to see if I would find tips on how to take care of it, and you will not believe what I saw. Sisters are going natural…and it is so lovely…oooooh. I didn’t want to wait any longer – I had my BC on August 3, 2013. But a month later, I trimmed it again because the barber didn’t do a very good job the first time – I still saw some perms sticking out.


I must confess that I’ve learnt a lot from postings on Youtube, and from various naturalistas who have posted on their sites. So far, there have been a lot of challenges, bad hair days, and a lot of learning…still learning. But I’m happy I made the decision because the hair on the middle of my head has GROWN, and my hair is back to being full and healthy! So, I would encourage anyone to go natural.


Image   Image     Image    Image  Image

My natural hair journey is … appreciating the handiwork of God… celebrating my heritage!

2 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey!

  1. Hi BeBe! I enjoyed reading your natural hair journey. It’s wonderful to see you learning about the texture of your hair and how to care for it properly. Once we learn theses things and treat our hair with love and care, it will grow within time. Keep up the good work and the research. You are gorgeous and your hair is beautiful!

    • Thanks a lot for your comments Jeanie! I appreciate it. I really love my hair now because I know how to take care of. God has a reason for giving it to me.

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